Other labs and some other interesting stuff too

This is a a sort of 'friends' page though we don't know everyone on here, we just like their work.  And other interesting links. It also includes some new stimuli that we have been developing over the summer of 2018 with our SPUR (summer project undergraduate researcher) student. In no particular order...

Some of our SPUR (summer Psychology undergraduate research) project stimuli (video versions also available):

Faces (Images) video available

Voices (from AV files: AV files available)

Bodies (Images) video available Including walking.

Interview with Andy Young:

  • Here is an interview with the eminent face researcher (and jolly nice man to boot) Professor Andy Young, via the supplementary resources section of his QJEP Faces, people and the brain: The 45th Sir Frederic Bartlett Lecture, for the EPS. The paper is available here:

You can also visit  Professor Mike Burton's York Face Variation Lab here:

 Changing Faces:

  • Changing faces have been campaigning since 1992, to help and support people with disfigurement so that they can, 'live the life they want'. they campaign to empower individuals, raise positive awareness of disfigurement, to educate, inform, and to change the culture in which we all live for the better. They offer advice and support.


The Face Research Lab

  • Ben Jones & Lisa DeBruine prolific and hugely influential The Face Research Lab. There's tones of stuff here (not just faces), and most definitely well worth a visit (if you've never seen it). they're big advocates of open science, and very generous with their resources.

The Centre for face processing disorders

  • Home to Dr Sarah Bate's Face Research Center at the University of Bournemouth. There's lost f interesting things here and you should get a copy of her book too.

Super recognizes

  • "Are you a Super Recognizer?" - find out here at Dr Josh Davis Univeristy of Greenwich web page. He also has an excellent book.

Face Recognition Research Group at Teesside University

 Home to face research at Teeside University  via Dr Natalie Butcher (N.Butcher@tees.ac.uk) and Laura Sexton (L.Sexton@tees.ac.uk) They also have a link to Face Blind UK a group who aim to better understand and raise awareness of prosopagnosia. 

Hummingbird project

The Hummingbird Project this is an EPSRC funded project (Human-Like Computing), based as Southampton, It is aimed at improving biometric analysis. - they seek “to identify the strategies used by humans when identifying one another, and to build these into computer algorithms in order to improve performance”