The Evolved Person Perception & Cognition Lab

The Evolved Person Perception & Cognition Lab

Home to the Person Perception Group at NTU

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The EPPAC lab are a group of experimental psychologists interested in how we process human, faces, voice, and bodies (person perception), from a theoretical and applied perspective, with applications of cognitive and evolutionary theory. We are also interested in cognition and human psychology more generally. Have a look at our individual bios (LAB MEMBERS) for more information about who we are are what we are currently up to.


Meet the Lab members, present and past. 

A collection of useful resources - stimuli, software, blogs and other stuff too. 

This button will take you to the lab pages and personal web sites of people either working in the same area, have some association with us or people we just really like. There's other stuff too, like a video of Andy Young talking about face research