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(please note that you will probably need to seek permission to use these resources)


Resources for body image data are hard to find (see Generators below) but there are some very useful data sets out there. If you know of others then please let us know(all pf these worked at the time of collection).

Databases (and the like)

Hard but not impossible these days:

  • The Bodily Expressive Action Stimulus Test (BEAST) Curtesy of Beatrice de de Gelder

The BEAST stimuli and validation data can be down loaded from here from here

Please make sure that you the following citation/reference, if you use these images:

  • CITE: de Gelder, B. & Van den Stock, J. (2011). The Bodily Expressive Action Stimulus Test (BEAST). Construction and validation of a stimulus basis for measuring perception of whole body expression of emotions. Frontiers in Psychology 2:181. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2011.0018.


  • Action Database

This is a database of whole  body movement from the Action Perception Laboratory at the University of York. The Data base can be accessed here. Just follow the instructions.

The database contains 29 actors (10 M; 19 F) displaying 6 actions (walking left, sitting, picking up box, placing box, jumping, standing and acting) and 5 emotions (happy, sad, angry, fearful, untrustworthy) from a variety of angles.  Each clip is approximately 3 seconds long

You will need to cite the following reference if you use the database

Cite: Keefe, B.D., Villing, M., Racey, C., Strong, S.M., Wincenciak, J., Barraclough, N.E. (2014) A database of whole-body action videos for the study of action, emotion and untrustworthiness trustworthiness discrimination. Behavior Research Methods doi:10.3758/s13428-013-0439-6


  • Moussally et al have a Database of body-only computer-generated pictures of women for body-image studies

The Paper with supplementary stimuli (the bodies)  can be found here:            

Please make sure that you the following citation/reference, if you use these images:

  • Cite: Moussally, J. M., Rochat, L., Posada, A., & Van der Linden, M. (2017). A database of body-only computer-generated pictures of women for body-image studies: Development and preliminary validation. Behavior research methods, 49(1), 172-183. doi:10.3758/s13428-016-0703-7


  • Set of open access nude male and female body shape stimuli plus ratings can be forun here courtesy of the FaceLab Glasgow of the set of open access face and (nude) body stimuli. the relevant paper for citing can be found here - don't forget to cit it if you use them.

    • Cite this: Morrison, D., Wang, H., Hahn, A. C., Jones, B. C., & DeBruine, L. M. (2017). Predicting the reward value of faces and bodies from social perception. PloS one, 12(9), e0185093. The paper can be sourced here:…

  • AMASS (Archive of Motion Capture as Surface Shapes) come s from the lab Naureen Mahmood, Nima Ghorbani, Nikolaus F. Troje, Gerard Pons-Moll and Michael J. Black. This is huge human body motion database which uses… ”… different optical marker-based motion capture datasets by representing them within a common framework and parameterization. AMASS is readily useful for animation, visualization, and generating training data for deep learning”.

In addition you can also try here:


Food images???

• Various food images taken from a food image database (Charbonnier, L., van Meer, F., van der Laan, L. N., Viergever, M. A., & Smeets, P. A. (2016). Standardized food images: a photographing protocol and image database. Appetite, 96, 166-173.)