The Evolved Person Perception & Cognition Lab

I have been compiling lists of useful web sites for (cognitive/cogneuro/ evolutionary/developmental) Psychologists

over the past few years (mostly perception based really but there’s a host of useful things here).

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Note: I have no investment in any of these and no control over the content, this is just a collection of web sites that I/we have found useful, and any hard work should be credited to the owners of the sites and resources (along with any opinions they may have). The links are all correct at the time of posting (let me know if anything doesn't work or has changed). No offence, favouritism, bias or copyright infringement is intended. I am happy to add to the list if you have anything useful, or remove anything if you own it and don't want it up here.

All credit goes to those hard working people out there who created this stuff in the first place. Cheers


Andrew Dunn