The Evolved Person Perception & Cognition Lab

Meet the Lab members

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Dr Andrew Dunn

Experimental Psychologist with interested in evolution, perception, memory and attention. 

Andrew is also the NTU Psychology Person Perception Lab group lead



Professor (Dr) Thom Baguley

Researches in human cognition with particular interests in spatial cognition, face and voice processing, models of human memory, and the relationship between high-level cognition and human memory. He also has an interest in psychological statistics.


Dr Paula Stacey

An applied Psychologist interested in how people extract information from faces and voices in order to (1) obtain information about people and (2) to help people perceive speech better in noisy environments.     


Dr Harriet Smith (Independent Research Fellow)

Harriet is currently working on a number of projects relating to identity discrimination in forensic and security settings.

Dr Gabriella Mutale

Experimental psychologist interested in applying evolutionary theory to understanding human behaviour. 

Dr Sally Andrews

Sally's esearch  interests include understanding how we identify familiar and unfamiliar faces, and in amateur and elite sports psychology.

Cathy 1.JPG

Jemaine 'Jammy' Stacey

PhD student, in her writing-up year researching audio-visual integration in noise. Interested in visual perception.

Catherine Blackburn

Lecturer and PhD student (writing-up), researching the factors that contribute to the benefit received from visual information, while understanding speech. She is also interested in multi-sensory integration and language.  

Dr Georgina Gous

Georgina is now a a lecturer at the University of Lincoln. She is interested in voice recognition and speaker perception.


Photo Joost Leunissen.jpg

Dr Joost Leunissen


Joost is an experimental social psychologist with a range of related interests