Telephone: +44 115 8485611


Twitter account: @seriousstats


Consultant Editor:   

  • British Journal of Mathematical & Statistical Psychology, 2013 - present


  • British Journal of Mathematical & Statistical Psychology, 2007 - 2012

Associate Editor: 

  • BMC Psychology, 2013 - present

  • British Journal of Psychology, 2005 - 2006

Editorial Board                         

  • Scientific Data, 2015 - present

  • Journal of Family Therapy, Statistical advisor, 2013 -present

Professional and committee membership:

British Psychological Society (BPS) 

  • Research Board member (and Deputy Chair since May 2016)

  • Education and Public Engagement board member

  • Mathematical, Statistical & Computing section (Hon. Treasurer)

Quality Assurance Agency  (QAA)

  • Member, Psychology Benchmarking Statement Review Group (2015-2016)

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) 

  • Member, Peer Review College (Grants) 2010 – present

  • Member, Peer Review College (Framework for Postgraduate Training)

  • NCRM Methodological Research Projects Commissioning Panel (2015)

  • NCRM Methodological Research Projects Commissioning Panel (2017)

Dr Thom Baguley


I have a record of research on human cognition with a record of publication and funding for work as spatial cognition, face and voice processing, models of human memory, the relationship between high-level cognition and human memory, and the statistical modelling of social and behavioural data in psychology and education. I have a strong interest in best practice in the application and the teaching of quantitative methods in the social, cognitive and human sciences. I am a former editor of the British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology and the author of the 2012 Palgrave book Serious stats: A guide to advanced statistics for the behavioral sciences. Presently I am Deputy Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Research Board and a member of the British Psychological Society REF working group. I regularly reviews for journals in my field, and sit on a number of editorial boards. 

A sample of peer reviewed publications can be found below:


  • Gous, G., Baguley, T., Stacey, P., & Dunn. A.K. (2018). An exploration of the accentuation effect: Errors in memory for voice fundamental frequency (F0) and speech rate, Language, Cognition and Neuroscience. 33(1). 98-110. doi: 10.1080/23273798.2017.1368676

  • Smith, H. M. J., Dunn, A. K., Baguley, T., & Stacey, P. C. (2018). The effect of inserting an inter-stimulus interval in face-voice matching tasks. The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. 71(2), 424-434. doi: 10.1080/17470218.2016.1253758

  • Smith, H.M. J., Baguley, T., Robson, J., Dunn, A. K. & Stacey, P. C. (in press). Forensic voice discrimination by lay listeners: The effect of speech type and background noise on performance. Applied Cognition, doi: 10.1002/acp.3478


  • Andrews, M., & Baguley, T. (2017). Bayesian data analysis. In B. Hopkins, E. Geangu, and S. Linkenauger (Eds.) Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development. Second edition. (pp. 165-170). Cambridge: CUP.

  • Dunn, T. J., Baguley, T., & Dunn, A. K. (2017). Spatial memory exclusivity: Examining performance of multiple object-location memories. Spatial Cognition & Computation. doi: 10.1080/13875868.2017.1383410

  • Saxton, T., Steel, C., Rowley, K, Newman, A., & Baguley, T. (2017, in press). Women’s partners resemble their brothers. Evolution and Human Behavior. doi: 10.1016/j.evolhumbehav.2017.04.006


  • Smith, H. M. J., Dunn, A. K., Baguley, T., & Stacey, P. C. (2016). Matching novel face and voice identity using static and dynamic facial images. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics. 78, 868–879. doi: 10.3758/s13414-015-1045-8

  • Smith, H. M. J., Dunn, A. K., Baguley, T., & Stacey, P. C. (2016). Concordant cues in faces and voices: Testing the backup signal hypothesis. Evolutionary Psychology, 14 (1), 1-10. doi: 10.1177/1474704916630317


  • Sundin, E.C., & Baguley, T. (2015). Prevalence of childhood abuse among people who are homeless in Western countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. 50, 183-194.

  • Binder, J. F., Baguley, T., Crook, C., & Miller, F. (2015). The academic value of internships: Benefits across disciplines and student backgrounds. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 41, 73-82. doi: 10.1016/j.cedpsych.2014.12.001


  • Lopez-Fernandeza, O., Honrubia-Serranoa, L., Baguley, T., & Griffiths, M. D., (2014). Pathological video game playing in Spanish and British adolescents: Towards the exploration of Internet Gaming Disorder symptomatology. Computers in Human Behavior, 41, 304–312.

  • Dunn, T., Baguley, T., Brunsden, V. (2014). From alpha to omega: A practical solution to the pervasive problem of internal consistency estimation. British Journal of Psychology. 105, 399-412.


  • Wells, T. J., Baguley, T, Sergeant, M. J. T. & Dunn, A. K. (2013). Perceptions of human attractiveness comprising face and voice cues. Archives of Sexual Behavior. 42, 805–811.

  • Dunn, A. K., Taylor, N. & Baguley, T. (2013) Size and emotion or depth and emotion? Evidence, using Matryoshka (Russian) dolls, of children using physical depth as a proxy for emotional charge. BMC Psychology. 1: 21.

  • Andrews, M., & Baguley, T. (2013). Prior approval: The growth of Bayesian methods in psychology. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 66, 1–7. [Editorial]

  • Clark, D. P. A. Dunn, A. K., & Baguley, T. (2013). Testing the exclusivity effect in location memory, Memory, 21, 512-523.


  • Baguley, T. (2012). Calculating and graphing within-subject confidence intervals for ANOVA. Behavior Research Methods, 44, 158-175.

  • Baguley, T. (2012). Serious stats: A guide to advanced statistics for the behavioral sciences. Basingstoke: Palgrave.