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Dunn, A. K. (2016). One to One… with Andrew Dunn. The Psychologist, 29(4), 324.

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Telephone: +44 115 922 1490


Twitter account: @drdrewdunn


  • Editor: Journal of Evolutionary Psychology (2013/15)

  • Editor: Evolution, Mind and Behaviour (2015/current)

  • Review Editor: Frontiers in Developmental Psychology (2015/2017)

  • Associate Editor: BMC Psychology (2016/current)

  • Assistant Editor: The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin (2015/2017)

  • Editor: The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin (2017/Current)

Professional and committee membership:

  • Applied Vision Association (AVA): Ordinary Life Member

  • Behavioural & Brain Sciences (BBS): Associate Member

  • British Psychological Society (BPS): Graduate Member

  • Cognitive Section member (2008/current)

  • Cognitive Section: Co-Opted committee member (2009/10)

  • Cognitive Section: Full committee member (2010/current)

  • Cognitive Section: Annual conference organiser (2014)

  • Maths, Statistics and Computing Section: Section member (2011/ current)

  • International Society for Human Ethnology (ISHE): Ordinary Member

  • Association for Psychological Science: Ordinary Member

  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy (11/12/2013)


PhD supervision

Director of studies

Daniel Clark PhD 2006/10 (Viva Voce 2010)

  • Clark, D. P. D. (2010). Exclusivity and memory for object location. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Timothy Wells PhD 2007/10 (Viva Voce 2011)

  • Wells, T, J. (2011). Modality related effects of face and voice information and the perception of human attractiveness. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Karima Susi PhD 2011/15 (Viva Voce 2015)

  • Susi, K (2015). Examining the evidence for a pitch centre in human auditory cortex: A multi-method approach. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Victoria Kroll MSc Psychology Res Methods 2010; PhD 2011/16 (Viva Voce 2016)

  • Kroll, V. (2016). The Visual Processing of Human Faces and Bodies as Visual Stimuli in Natural Scenes. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Harriet Smith PhD 2013/16 (Viva Voce 2016)

  • Smith, H. M. J. (2016). Matching novel face and voice identity using static and dynamic facial images PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Gabriella Mutale MSc Psychology Res Methods 2009; PhD (PT) 2011/16 Self Funded (Viva Voce 2016)

  • Mutale, G. J. (2016). Examining perceived pathogen threat and body weight preferences using experimental priming. PhD. Nottingham Trent.

Georgina Gous PhD 2013/17 (Viva Voce 2018)

  • Gous, G. J. (2018). Manipulation of fundamental frequency (F0) and speech rate on (synthetic) voice recognition performance and perceived speaker identity, sex and age.

Co-supervisor (2nd supervisor)

Gayle Dillon PhD 2003/07 (Viva Voce 2007)

  • Dillon, G. V. (2008). Exploring the nature of the imagination deficit in children with high functioning autism: A new approach. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Guy Birkin PhD 2007/10 (Viva Voce 2010)

  • Birkin, G. (2010). The art and psychology of judgements of aesthetics on pictorial art. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Ibiyemi Oluwatosin Arowolo PhD 2015/2016 (Viva Voce 2017)

  • Arowolo, I. O. (2017) A Study of Emotional Intelligence in Patients with Bipolar Disorder.

Joshua Baker PhD 2015/current

Caroline Ford MSc Project supervisor 2016; PhD 2016/current

Samantha Chufungleung Prof Doc 2018/current

Dr Andrew K. Dunn

I am an Experimental Psychologist and Senior Lecturer, in the Department of Psychology at Nottingham Trent University. He is the Group lead for the Person Perception, Memory and Social Cognition group.

My view is that humans have evolved as social animals - we are biology in a physical and social world.  I am especially interested in the functional mechanisms of perception, attention and memory from both a theoretical and a practical standpoint. I think context is very important in this regard. I try to apply cognitive and evolutionary theory, and methods to understanding them.

My primary research interests are in person perception and my work has largely focused on the processing of perceptual signals (e.g. face, voice, smell, body shape/size and gait) in relation to identity, attractiveness, health, dominance and criminality, as well as issues relating attention capture of, and memory recall for, perceptual objects and location. I am also working on issues relating to visual information for motor action (e.g. walking, grasping, coordination and navigation), and developmental cognition (maths anxiety, attentional processing in dyslexia, and SEN). I am also interested in visual & auditory illusions (underlying mechanisms, effects and applications).

A sample of peer reviewed publications can be found below:


  • Premkumar, P., Dunn, A. K., Onwumere, J., Kuipers, E., (in press). Perceived criticism and perceived praise predict schizotypy in the non-clinical population: the role of affect and perceived expressed emotion. European Psychiatry, 55, 109-115

  • Smith, H.M. J., Baguley, T., Robson, J., Dunn, A. K. & Stacey, P. C. (2019). Forensic voice discrimination by lay listeners: The effect of speech type and background noise on performance. Applied Cognition, 33(2), 272-287 doi: 10.1002/acp.3478


  • Baker, J., Castro, A., Dunn, A. K., & Mitra, S. (2018). Asymmetric Interference Between Cognitive Task Components and Concurrent Sensorimotor Coordination. Journal of Neurophysiology.

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  • Hind, K., Larkin, R., & Dunn, A. K. (2018). Assessing Teacher Opinion on the Inclusion of Children with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties into Mainstream School Classes. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, 1-14.

  • Smith, H. M. J., Dunn, A. K., Baguley, T., & Stacey, P. C. (2018). The effect of inserting an inter-stimulus interval in face-voice matching tasks. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 71(2), 424-434. doi: 10.1080/17470218.2016.1253758  


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